Panificadora Pote de Mel

The art of bakery was an old tradition of Lazzaris family, inherited by Oswaldo, one Brazilian – Italian descendent from Veneto – Belluno.

His dream of developing a bakery business started becoming true in 1984, when he and an associate bought Panificadora Pote de Mel, established since the 60´s. He had just arrived in Curitiba – Paraná and his whole family got involved in the challenge of serving and satisfying customers.

Through the years, his youngest son, Carlos Lazzaris, fell in love for family business. Graduated in Business and Administration, Carlos brought a modern view to the Bakery, investing in production processes and employees training, but still keeping the same home-made, family touch to menu items and customer service.

In 2004, Carlos bought the old partner´s share. Since then, under his direction, together with his father Oswaldo and his sister Sandra, Pote de Mel Bakery remodeled sales and production areas, trained employees, expanded menu selections, added new services. All of menu items are still prepared daily and with only the finest ingredients available. Today, Pote de Mel Bakery offers more quality and confort and still keeps the same flavour and ambiance. That is why “it is a great pleasure to be part of your day”.

Programa Alimentos Seguros